New Townhome Inspection

Brett was thorough, responsive, engaging and clearly loves what he does. He allowed us to be with him during the inspection and pointed out things to us along the way. He clearly knows the codes and stays up to date. He answered any question we had. He takes photos and notes on anything that needs repair. He emails the PDF the same day! Truly awesome guy. I highly recommend him. I posted 5 stars on google also.

Shreedip P.

Full inspection on home we planned to purchase.

He did an outstanding job throughout the scheduling, inspection and follow up with the realtors and us.

I would highly recommend him for your home inspection needs.

Avinash N.

Pre Drywall and Final Townhome Inspections

Buyers Eyes has been a life saver for us in these processes as we know nothing about the construction details. Brett did a very thorough inspection on both in a timely manner. We went through everything found on site and received the report the same day. Brett worked with the project manager, explaining each issue if needed. I will hire him again for our warranty inspection when its time.

Satya H.

Buying a home from a friend

My work friend offered his home to my wife and I at a great price, but we were not sure if something was wrong and wanted a professional to check everything. The seller did not know a lot of the items Brett found, and we did negotiate after reviewing Brett’s report findings. We hired Brett to also come back and check the repaired items before the final purchase which was very helpful.

Walter G.

Large Colonial Home Inspection

We had a lot of question about the used home and wanted to see if we could make changes to the interior and Brett explained the pros and cons of each change and gave good recommendations. He is very knowledgeable about all home construction processes and repairs. We are not going to buy this home but plan to re hire Brett to do another one soon.

Anthony Larose

Full Home Inspection

Brett well well beyond the norm to inspect our home and explain the items found in detail without rushing us and took calls after the inspection to explain repairs to repair contractors. You can tell when you walk with him that he enjoys doing this type of work.

Joon Chung

New Construction Warranty Inspection

Brett found a lot of items installed wrong during the construction that should have been found by the county inspectors. Some items were safety related and could cause major problems in the near future including potential mold growth. He is very thorough and knowledgeable in his field, and I recommend them for new construction inspections.

David Dixon

Full Home Inspection before purchase

I was referred by my realtor to use this inspector and I’m very glad I did. The home needed a lot of work that I did not notice, and we were able to negotiate the price to get these items repaired based on the inspection list which saved us a lot of money in the long run. I will hire them again to check these items when the repairs are made before settling.


New Construction Pre-Drywall Inspection

Brett went through this large home and found several items that the local officials missed in several locations and pointed them out to the project manager so they could get started on them right away before the drywall was installed. I sent him pictures of the repairs and he commented on items atht still needed repaired. I will hire him for my final inspection also.

B. Kuzimbu

Used Townhome Inspection That I'm Purchasing

This home went through a remodel process, and I wanted to make sure the work was completed safely throughout. Buyers Eyes did an outstanding job going through everything inside and out and documenting the items that needed corrected. He also made several suggestions based on his knowledge of homes in general. I would highly recommend this company for your home inspection needs.

G. Phillips

Used Home Purchase with a reinspection on repaired items

I had looked at several home and when I decided, I hired Brett to do the home inspection before purchase.

His attention to detail and knowledge was very comforting. He compiled a very lengthy list with photos and then came back later after the repairs were made to make sure they were repaired or replaced correctly. I highly recommend Brett for and type home inspection you may need.

Ricki Lucy

Remodel House Inspection

I hired this company based on a referral from my realtor and wasn’t sure how it would go. The inspector was early to the job and was very detailed throughout the inspection process, explaining everything as he went. The final report was great. I had no questions when completed, because he explained everything so well. I would recommend this company for your home inspections as well.

Walter Villacorta

New Construction Inspections

Brett took a lot of pride in periodic inspections throughout the full home build process and also did a few spot checks on his own as needed, coordinating items with the project manager. Brett made several suggested changes based on his experience and knowledge. He is very thorough and a professional at what he does.

Andrew Tschinkel

Highly recommend!

Whether it’s your first time buying a home, or you’re an experienced buyer, Brett Stouter is a safe bet for quality home inspections. He was very responsive (before and after), friendly, knowledgeable, and always professional. In short, working with Brett was the easiest part of our home buying adventure.

Kyle M.

Highly recommend!

Whether it’s your first time buying a home, or you’re an experienced buyer, Brett Stouter is a safe bet for quality home inspections. He was very responsive (before and after), friendly, knowledgeable, and always professional. In short, working with Brett was the easiest part of our home buying adventure.

Kyle M.

Comprehensive !

Brett was first at the property and went methodically through the house. Each concern was documented and photographed; I was also made aware where there were main concerns. His final report was on my desk within 3 hours, again , professional and thorough. Thank you , Brett. ‘Highly recommend your services.

Robin Wallace

Great Service and Professionalism With a Smile!

Brett is both the ultimate professional and a kind person. He performed a buyers inspection for me and my wife—the best one I have ever seen. He will give you an honest inspection of a property. He will not cut corners or leave anything out. He is superb!!!

Soren Ashmall

Great Service!

Great service! Very Detailed during the inspection process and on the reporting. He was able to answer any questions we had since this was our first time buying. I was very impressed and would definitely use him again.


Outstanding Customer Service

Outstanding Customer Service

Marvin B

Highly Recommend

Great working with Bret, would highly recommend him!

George B. in Frederick, MD


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What our customers are saying

Buyers Eyes takes their time to check all aspects of the remodeled home to make sure important problems were not covered up where they can and provides a very nice, detailed report when finished. I will hire them again when I need an inspector. I recommend using this company.

Wilver Leiva

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